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Audio Decoders

Coreworks provides audio IP cores for decoding audio streams in real-time. The table below lists some pre-defined products, but other combinations of formats with different number of channels are also available upon request.

Our audio IP cores include the decoder software and the Multimedia Platform, a customized hardware engine able to support single or multiple audio streams, which also includes a latency controller to synchronize multiple sources (e.g. audio and video).

The Multimedia Platform uses our proprietary SideWorks™ technology to obtain high performance, offering low energy consumption and small silicon area, when compared to other solutions based on GPPs or DSPs.

In SoCs, the upgrades are limited to software/firmware updates. However, the use of the SideWorks reconfigurable architecture leads the upgradability to a higher level, making the hardware also "upgradable".

Part Number Description  
AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Decoder
MPEG-1/2 - Layer I/II Audio Decoder
AAC-LC Audio Decoder
MPEG-1/2 + AAC Audio Decoders
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