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CWda15 - SPDIF-Tx-Pro : Configurable SPDIF-AES3 Transmitter
Portability: ASIC, FPGA, Structured ASIC
Maturity: FPGA Proven
Availability: Now
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The SPDIF-Tx-Pro (CWda15) is a digital audio transmitter IP core supporting the SPDIF IEC60958 and AES3 standards for PCM audio and the IEC61937 and SMPTE 337M standards for non-PCM (compressed) audio. The core is very configurable allowing many features of the standards to be optionally supported by hardware or software. The structure of the CWda15 allows enhanced functionalities for specific applications by using the optional Add-on-Modules (AOM).


  • Supports the SPDIF (IEC60958) and AES3 standards for stereo PCM audio transmission
  • Supports the IEC61937, SMPTE 337M standards for non-PCM audio transmission (Dolby Digital, AAC, DTS, MPEG, etc)
  • Automatic insertion of stuffing bits in non-PCM mode
  • Supports any sample rate Fs by setting the audio clock frequency to 256xFs including 32, 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 kHz
  • Programmable FIFO level trigger
  • Optional memory mapped buffers for Channel Status and User Bits
  • Optional separate interfaces for data and control
  • Latency: 1/2 sample (1/2/Fs)
  • Can use clock recovered by Coreworks SPDIF-AES3 receivers


  • AMBA-APB, AMBA-AHB or parallel interface for configuration, control and status
  • AMBA-APB, AMBA-AHB or parallel interface for audio input
  • SPDIF/AES3 interface for audio output
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