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CWda18 - I2S/TDM-Rx-Pro: Configurable Multi-channel Serial Audio Receiver
Portability: ASIC, FPGA, Structured ASIC
Maturity: FPGA proven
Availability: Now
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The TDM-Rx-Pro (CWda18) is part of the AudioWorks™ family of proven audio interface cores featuring a configurable multi-channel audio interface designed to input serial (TDM) digital audio streams from various manufacturers. The TDM-Rx-Pro front-end also supports the well known stereo formats: Philips I2S, Left-Justified or Right-Justified. The TDM-Rx-Pro backend is supplied with a choice of AMBA®, CoreConnect™ or a flexible parallel interface.


  • Runtime configurable input format: multi-channel serial audio (TDM), or stereo I2S, LeftJustified or Right-Justified
  • Supports all commonly used sample rates including 32, 44.1, 48, 96 and 192 kHz
  • Supports any audio sample sizes up to 32 bits
  • Pre-synthesis configurable sample FIFO depth
  • Reports FIFO empty condition
  • Reports number of samples in FIFO
  • Runtime configurable UpperFIFO-Limit; a request signal is activated when this limit is exceeded
  • Supports up to 128 audio channels
  • Supports slave or master modes of the audio bus
  • Double clock domain design: output clock is unrelated to the serial audio bit clock
  • Reports loss of channel order
  • Supports TDM audio formats from multiple vendors


  • AMBA-APB, AMBA-AHB or parallel interface for configuration, control and status
  • I2S/TDM interface for audio input
  • AMBA-APB, AMBA-AHB or parallel interface for audio output
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