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Audio Interfaces

This family of products includes input and output interfaces for the following digital audio formats: SPDIF, I2S, and TDM (an extended version of I2S to support multiple channels).

These IP cores can use standard buses (e.g. AMBA AHB or APB) as backend interfaces, or a simple parallel interface with Req/Ack handshaking.

None of these IP cores requires external analog components (e.g. PLLs). The data recovery is implemented using a fully digital design.

Part Number Description  
SPDIF-Rx-Pro : Configurable SPDIF-AES3 Receiver
SPDIF-Tx-Pro : Configurable SPDIF-AES3 Transmitter
I2S/TDM-Rx-Pro: Configurable Multi-channel Serial Audio Receiver
I2S/TDM-Tx-Pro: Configurable Multi-channel Serial Audio Transmitter
I2S/TDM-Rx+Tx-Pro : Configurable Multi-Channel Serial Audio Transceiver
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